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10 ways to improve your mood fast

How to improve a bad mood fast

You need to improve your mood fast not just in order to feel cheerful (although this is a very critical aspect) you also need a positive mood in order to be productive and give your best at whatever you are doing. Lots of time is lost when we are not in a good mood. The energy is completely sapped out, all the creativity is drained away and it feels you will never be able to achieve a single productive task in your entire life.

In order to improve your mood fast first of all you have to realize that it is a passing phase. Something happened contrary to what you were expecting and you get trapped in a vicious circle of a bad mood. It can also be health-related. But whatever is the reason in order to be what you are and in order to take care of the task at hand you need to improve your mood fast without resorting to artificial stimulants such as drugs and alcohol. How do you achieve that? Listed below are the 10 ways to improve your mood fast:

1. Think in terms of problem-solution

When you’re going through a bad mood don’t suffer as “you”. Take it as a problem that needs to be resolved. It is like taking care of your physical pain. When you are in physical pain you don’t just simply go enduring the pain and wait for it to go away. You take measures to relieve your pain whether it is taking medication or changing your current disposition. The same happens with your mood. Realize that it is a problem and try to find a solution that can help you improve your mood.

2. Eat something nutritional

A bad mood can also be due to lack of certain nutritions. Your brain is just like any other part of your body and it requires sufficient nutrients in order to function properly. When did you have your last proper meal? Your brain needs glucose in order to feel energetic. Have a glass of juice. Eat some foods or nuts or whatever makes you feel good. Avoid having too much caffeine and alcohol as it dehydrates your body and causes further trauma and exhaustion.

3. Increase your water intake

Lack of water causes depression and bad moods too because your body cannot rid itself of toxins. When you drink lots of water it washes away all the toxins that are accumulating inside your body. Water also boosts your mood in general.

4. Indulge in an activity that elevates your mood

Read something funny or light. Watch a comedy show on TV or go out and visit the nearest mall. You can also take your dog to a walk. If you have a hobby then spend some time doing that activity. The basic idea is feeling good about the world because the first thing that happens during a bad mood is that world begins to seem bleak.

5. Call or visit someone

People are quite busy these days and sometimes you can’t just get up and go to a friend or a relative, nonethless, if there is someone you can go to, do go. But make sure that person is not in a bad mood himself or herself.

6. Clean up your surroundings

Cleaning up your surroundings is one of the best ways of improving your mood fast. Sometimes have a bad mood simply because the conditions you work in are too untidy and you without even realizing feel the impact. Once you have cleaned up your surroundings and tidied up even your table, you will notice a marked improvement in your mental disposition.

7. Help someone

When you’re going through a patch of bad mood try to find someone who may need your help. You can walk someone’s dog. If there is some elderly person in your neighborhood (or at your own place for that matter) try to help that person, or just sit with him or her and talk or read something. Helping others is a great mood elevator. In fact if a bad mood is a chronic condition you can join an organization that can help you intermittantly help people or animals.

8. Meditate

This is a bit difficult especially when your mind is agitated but meditation has quite far-reaching effect and can provide you long-term positive moods. In fact once you start doing meditation regularly you won’t even have bad moods. It doesn’t have to be complicated; just sit at a quiet place and try to get rid of all the thoughts. It is easier said than done and it might take a while for you to throw out all the thoughts but focus on one thought at a time and imagine them leaving your body one by one. Different people have different ways of mitigating so you might have to explore various forms of meditation. You can also use incense sticks.

9. Exercise and then have a nice bath

These activities can also help you rid your body of toxins. Exercising relaxes you but don’t tire yourself. Once you feel that your blood circulation has increased have a nice and relaxed bath in a comfortable temperature. Don’t use very hot and very cold water; keep the temperature of the water slightly lower than your body’s temperature. You can also use bath oils and scented soaps to further elevate your mood.

10. Do something totally out of the box

Do something that you never do. If you have never stood outside under the rain without a reason then to so. Buy something you never approve of (something you can afford, because overspending can further dampen your mood). Cook a meal for yourself and invite somebody if this is not something that you do regularly. Go see a movie that is not according to your taste. Try to listen to music you never listened to. The basic idea is getting yourself out of your comfort zone so your primary concern is no longer about things you’re not able to do or your bad mood.

There are definitely more than 10 ways to improve your mood fast and in fact there can be infinite ways of improving your mood, it all depends on how you are placed and what is your socio-economic background. But in generic terms these ways of improving your mood fast can work for almost everybody.