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20 ways to boost or improve your mood

Improve your mood

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Wondering how to boost or improve your mood? Mood swings can be unpredictable and they depend on many internal and external factors such as

  • Your recent experience
  • Your general state of mind and health
  • People around you
  • Your surroundings and environment
  • The sort of food you have had
  • The day of the week
  • The sort of work you are doing
  • The sort of relationship you’re having (or not having)

A good thing about going through a bad mood swing is that you can always boost it or improve it with little effort. You need to have a desire to improve your mood first of all. Sometimes we just prefer to wallow in sadness and depression and don’t make much effort. So realize that you’re going to through a bad mood and decide to change it for good.

Things you can do to improve or boost your mood

  1. Decide to improve your mood. This is the very first step you need to take if you want to boost your mood. Make a conscious effort. Recognize your problem and only then you can deal with it.
  2. Don’t look down upon yourself. If something bad has happened and if you feel you are to blame for it, then blame yourself for a while, learn from your mistake and move on. Self-flagellation is OK for a while but too much of it is counter-productive.
  3. Talk to somebody you love. Call up your mom, or you sibling, or your best friend, or your lover and have a nice talk. if that’s not possible, talk to your anonymous Internet stalker through chat. You can also talk to your dog.
  4. Stay away from emotional suckers. Stay away from people who are always unburdening all their troubles on your shoulders. It doesn’t mean not being there when your fiends need you, but if it becomes a long-winded litany of woes that never seems to end, make it clear that you need some break to get your energies back.
  5. Be in the company of positive people. You don’t need to be alone after politely distancing yourself from emotional suckers. Seek the company of those that have positive outlook towards life, their surroundings and their work. They will immediately cheer you up and help you improve your mood.
  6. Seek God. Yes, the word invites a smirk but this does help, if your religious feelings haven’t completely evaporated. The thoughts of God are normally pure, clean and full of light. They immediately lighten your dark mood and helps you see your surroundings in a positive light.
  7. Help someone. Helping someone definitely boosts your mood. Just a thought that you made a difference to some body’s life (for better, hopefully) cheers you up.
  8. Change your routine. The same routine, although increases your efficiency and expertise, also gets tedious and boring after a while and this consequently affects your mood adversely. Try to change your routine. Do something different. Get up late or early and try to do old things in new ways.
  9. Stick to healthy eating habits. Like of vitamins and other minerals can cause dark moods too. Carefully analyze your food intake. Does it contain all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. that your body and brain need to keep you fit and energized? If possible get an appointment with a nutritionist to create a healthy menu for yourself and your family.
  10. Exercise. It helps you detoxify your body and brain and boost blood circulation. Go for a jog or a long walk or take your dog to the nearby park (while making sure you don’t give your dog a heatstroke). You can also try yoga but be careful what yoga postures you can easily manage.
  11. Do deep breathing. Deep breathing fills your body up with lots of oxygen. This energizes both your brain and your body.
  12. Brighten up your house. Draw the curtains aside and let the sunshine come in if it’s not very hot in your area. Natural light helps you improve your mood and kills the staleness inside the house. You will immediately feel a change of surroundings. Things and objects that were looking dark and gloomy we suddenly lighten up.
  13. Have a nice sleep. You may also feel depressed and drained if you’re not well-rested. Have a nice sleep and before going to sleep switch off all your phones and the alarm clock. Don’t wake up unless your body wakes up on its own. You will feel rejuvenated.
  14. Have a relaxing bath. You can have a cold or a hot bath depending upon what’s the climate. Put some scented bathing oil in your tub and use soothing candles around you.
  15. Watch some comedy serials and movies. This is for short-term improvement for your mood. No matter how silly that sitcom is and doesn’t matter if you have to deny in front of others that you watch it, if you like it, watch it.
  16. Re-read an old book. Do you have book you really enjoyed reading many years ago and it really made you feel good? Read it again. Reading a book you fell in love with once can really draw you away from your current mental disposition and alter your mood for better.
  17. Indulge in your favorite hobby. Do you love pottery or painting, or making crank calls to your neighbors. Although due to caller IDs making crank calls isn’t any more possible, you can indulge in other hobbies. Your mood gets a boost when you look at your creations and feel satisfied about them.
  18. Spend time with a child. It’s not like, taking care of a child…this you must already be doing if you are a parent. Just spend time doing nothing. Talk to the child. Play small games. Explore the plants, animals and insects around your house. Do something both you and your child can enjoy.
  19. Go on a date. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic date. Call up your buddy, or even your mom or dad, and go out for a movie and a dinner and then perhaps a long drive. Sadly, when we grow up we just forget to spend some unplanned time with each other.
  20. Be thankful. Be thankful that you are alive. Raise your arms, look at the sky above you, and smile broadly. The world is full of opportunities for you, and be thankful for that. Be thankful for the meal you had, the bed you have to sleep on, the roof over your head, for everything in your life. Let difficulties be there. What matters is that you are able to deal with them.

Got some more tips on how to improve or boost your mood? Please share it in the comments section.