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7 Desktop Twitter Applications/Clients if your haven’t already used them

If you are wondering what we mean by desktop Twitter applications and clients please read how to use Twitter from your desktop. In this blog post we discussed a few Twitter desktop applications that you can use to post tweets and go through your Twitter streams without having to visit the web based interface. On this page we’re going to review 7 applications and clients that let you use Twitter from your computer desktop. Many of them require the Adobe AIR framework and this means wherever you can use Adobe AIR, you can use these tools. So here they are:


TweetDeck is perhaps the mostly widely used desktop Twitter client. It’s highly customizable and you can manage multiple social media profiles, not just Twitter: you can even use Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace with TweetDeck. Of course you can manage multiple Twitter accounts with it. It comes with all the bells and whistles you need to maintain a lively Twitter presence. You can have as many columns you feel like. Want to keep a tab on your favorite search terms on Twitter? You can create multiple columns just to maintain your search terms on Twitter. You can also change the color scheme and the URL shortening services. It automatically shortens the URLs you enter in the message window. It also suggests people you are following as soon as you type “@” in the message window and lets you post images. It’s a bit on the heavier side, but still, a favorite among power Twitter users.


Twhirl is no longer being developed and supported by its developers, but still many people use it. You can maintain multiple Twitter accounts and the last time we checked in this too you could manage multiple social media accounts. It’s much lighter compared to TweetDeck but a bit less fancy. A light app to let run in the background while you prefer to check your Twitter interaction now and then.


Seesmic is provided by the former developers of Twhirl and many consider it better than TweetDeck due to its powerful features yet little strain on system resources. It has all the standard features like multiple accounts and multiple columns. You can release columns in whichever order you want to. Using the left hand navigation (it sounds archaic though) you can quickly change your views).


Digsby is a lovely little application that you can use to manage multiple IM accounts as well as social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It quietly sits in the background and pops out as soon as you need it. With this you no longer need different desktop applications to manage your instant messaging and tweeting…do it from the same client.


The Gwibber Social Client comes with the latest version of Ubuntu. It’s a bit temperamental and unpredictable and seems quite limited but if you like minimalistic features then you must try this Ubuntu Twitter desktop application.


Digitweet is an open source desktop Twitter application. It’s very small compared to Twitter clients but has features like URL previews and multiple postings.


DestroyTwitter, as claimed by its developers, is another Adobe AIR based, but extremely light Twitter desktop application. A quick look at their screenshots shows the app doesn’t have multiple columns and you need to use the top menu to view different columns. You can use it if you’re looking for a very light, cross-platform desktop Twitter client.

There are some other desktop Twitter clients too but they are basically experimentations and you cannot use them to enhance your social media and networking productivity.