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How to activate bluetooth on your iPhone

Activate Bluetooth on iPhone

Almost every phone these days, including your iPhone, comes equipped with Bluetooh technology. Bluetooth allows your iPhone to connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly. Through this wireless technology you can connect to your computer, laptop, iPad, iPod and other compatible devices with your iPhone and transfer files both ways.

Suppose there are some files that you need to transfer from your computer to your iPhone and you don’t want to use the data cable. You can simply transfer the files wirelessly using Bluetooth. The connection though is not very fast and it may take a while when you transfer bigger files. The Bluetooth connection is better for connecting other devices like an earphone, a digital sketchpad, a camera or a keyboard.

It must already be activated on your iPhone and even if it is not activated (it should be switched off if you don’t require Bluetooth all the time in order to save battery) you can easily activate it.

Just go to your home screen and from there go to Settings and from settings go to General. Here you can see “Bluetooth”.

Activating Bluetooth on iPhone

If it is not activated you can see “Off” in front of it.

Bluetooth iPhone activate

Tap on it and you can switch on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Activating Bluetooth on iPhone

But in order to connect your iPhone to other devices, aside from activating Bluetooth you also need to

  • Make your iPhone findable/discoverable
  • Pair both the devices

Many people don’t want their Bluetooth enabled devices to be discoverable because it can be quite a nuisance if you are in a public place and lots of other devices can discover your iPhone. They not only start interacting with your device they can also transmit viruses. So you should only make your iPhone Bluetooth connection discoverable at a reliable place, your home for example. Anyway, if you’re trying to connect your iPhone to your laptop then you will need to make both the devices discoverable in order to connect them.

After making them discoverable you need to pair them. Once you have activated Bluetooth and once your iPhone has discovered Bluetooth enabled devices within the reachable distance it will show you which device is paired and connected and which is not. You need to tap on the device that is not paired. Suppose you are trying to pair your iPhone with your laptop. In the Bluetooth settings of your laptop you will need to generate a pin and you will need to enter the same pin on your iPhone while pairing the devices.

Once pairing is done you have completely activated Bluetooth on your iPhone and connected it to your preferred device.