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How to activate dictation in Windows 7

You can activate dictation in Windows 7 if you would prefer to speak rather than type. Yes, it is also called voice recognition and in fact in Windows 7 it is called “speech recognition”.

Remember M.S. Office 2003 came with its own inbuilt dictation software? Somehow it was removed in Office 2007. Then dictation has been re-introduced in Windows 7 and if you haven’t activated it yet, you can easily do so by clicking on the Windows start menu and then going to Control Panel. In this window you will need to find “Speech Recognition”.

When you click this link you come across the following options:

Activating speech recognition in Windows 7

In order to minimize errors during your dictation you should follow this sequence:

Activating speech recognition in Windows 7

  • Set up microphone: This allows you to adjust your computer’s speech volume, as you speak your computer adjusts the volume level automatically.
  • Take Speech Tutorial: It provides basic speech training.
  • Train your computer to better understand you: This exercise lets you speak different texts into the microphone. During this exercise your computer learns your speech patterns and teaches itself to understand how you speak and pronunciation.

The final step is “Start Speech Recognition”.

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