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Are Android phones used the most or the iPhones

Do you ever wonder whether most people in the world are using Android phones or the iPhones? This may especially matter to you if you are either an Android fan boy (or girl) or an Apple fan boy.

Presented below are some interesting graphic representations published on various websites, but for this particular blog post, I’m referencing to this particular report published in Daily Mail. This report and associated graphs have been generated as an outcome of around 3 billion geo-tagged tweets using Android phones and the iPhones over a period of two years. Here is the Mapbox blog post that explains the entire process of mapping this gargantuan number of tweets into attractive visualizations.

The red dots represent the iPhones, the green, Android, and the purple dots, yes, it is still in the reckoning, the BlackBerry. Let us first see New York/

Android and iPhone usage pattern in New York

It has been proven what has always been said, there’s the rich people, or economically well-off who use the iPhone’s and the remaining ones use the much cheaper, Android devices. You will see, the iPhone – the red dots – are concentrated around the Manhattan and other rich areas in New York and the green dots – Android phones – in relatively, less financially advanced areas.

Guess what most of the people in Jakarta use.

BlackBerry usage pattern in Jakarta

You can view the remaining images at the original Daily Mail link included above.