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How to use Android voice commands

voice commands in android

Android has a great interface for handling voice commands if of late you have been feeling jealous of the Siri command feature in the latest version of the iPhone. The good thing about using voice commands in Android is that you have the same features no matter what Android-powered device you are using, and that may include a plethora of phones and tablets.

In Android, voice commands are better known as “Voice Actions” and they can be easily used with multiple applications on your phone or tablet.

Android voice commands with various applications

The first most place that you can look for the voice command feature can be the search box (Google voice search), either on your home screen or another screen (some people prefer to maintain multiple home screens and then place the search box on one of the screens rather than on the home screen). There in the box you can see the microphone icon. Just click on the icon, say something and it will search it for you.

android Google search icon

There are other fun stuff you can do with the same icon. Switch on the icon and say something like “Get direction to Park Street” and it will show you the direction on Google maps. Similarly, if you want to call Peter Parker, simply say “Call Peter Parker” and your phone will start calling.

If you don’t want to call, you can also send e-mail message to Peter Parker by saying “E-mail Peter Parker subject movie ticket status message Were you able to book the movie tickets for today evening?”

Using the same voice command interface you can also send a text message “Text Peter Parker you are leaving your web everywhere”

You can visit a website, for instance Wikipedia by simply saying “Go to Wikipedia”

But Google voice search is not the only tool that you can use in order to enable voice commands or voice actions in Android. You can also download and install third-party voice command applications and can use whatever works the best for you. For instance, if you want to use a free application you might like to try out “Vlingo” from the Android market. It also updates your Facebook status by simply voice commands.

Vlingo screen for voice commands in android

Among professional software you might like to try something from Nuance, but when I checked, it is not available in all countries.

Voice commands in Android might not be as powerful yet as Siri (which is touted as a lesser version of artificial intelligence because it can actually converse with you sometimes) but for performing day-to-day tasks there are many suitable voice commands in Android that don’t let you miss Siri much.