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How to take automatic backups of your Android mobile phone

Just as you take regular backups of your computer data and applications you also need to backup and save all the data and applications that you put on your Android mobile phones and mobile devices. As more and more applications and features are packed into individual Android mobile phones practically everything you use ends up inside your mobile phone and if you lose your mobile phone or end up formatting its desk you will lose years of information.

You may also install different applications and games on your Android mobile phone that didn’t come with the original phone. You must have purchased those applications or found them after lots of research and just imagine how much time will be wasted in case you lose all those applications.

You may also like to reinstall your preferred settings and get your data back once you switch to another Android mobile phone. Just imagine, when you start using a new Android mobile phone or an Android device, the look and feel will be just the same.

This is why it is very important that you take regular backup of your applications and data that reside on Android mobile phone. Most of the phones are shipped with some backup program that you can use but most of the backup programs are not equipped with carrying out automatic backup routines. You may not remember to take backups every week or every month.

With almost all mobile phones coming with Wi-Fi and 3G connections it is very easy to take automatic backups and store the data in some cloud-based storage facility. There are many companies offering cloud-based backup services.

This Lifehacker block post reviews an excellent application for Android mobile phones and devices that you can use to set automatic backups of your applications, software and data.