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How to avoid eating healthy foods that can actually be unhealthy

Unhealthy salad

Eating is the most essential part of living and unfortunately, it has the potential to impact you negatively. Unless you are very careful, you can end up eating highly unhealthy food, without even realizing it. With open mind, you will find that even seemingly healthy foods can be unhealthy unless they are prepared with great caution. This article on Reinventing Aging lists some foods that are conventionally considered healthy but in fact can be unhealthy.

  • Salad: It is considered to be one of the healthiest foods, provided your use the right ingredients. These days people put boiled eggs, grated cheese and even oil to render a particular flavor, defeating the entire purpose of creating a healthier intake. Having a salad can be a problem particularly in hotels and restaurants where they garnish it with all sorts of unhealthy stuff to make it look and taste more appealing.
  • Smoothie: Again, there is fundamentally nothing wrong in having a smoothie, but if you’re mixing fatty milk, yogurt and sugar, you are not having a healthy drink. It is better to prepare a smoothie at home and avoid using milk and other fatty stuff. It may not give you the sort of taste you have gotten used to, but if you’re having a smoothie merely for its taste, then perhaps you should either have something else or your priorities are different.
  • Low-fat peanut butter: People normally have low-fat peanut butter thinking that it is less fatty. It may be true that fat is taken out of it, but it is substituted by sugar and other processed ingredients that are equally unhealthy for you.

You can read the remaining points in the original article. When it is not possible for you to avoid these so-called healthy foods, you should reduce their quantity. For instance, there is no need to have a huge glass of smoothie when you can have a cup full of it. Similarly, when salad is prepared in a restaurant, just eat leafy vegetables and leave the rest; it may seem wasteful but it is better than consuming unhealthy foods.