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Avoid self pity and get rid of it

Self pity is a too expensive hobby to indulge in. No matter how rich one is, this hobby is costly even to the richest on this planet. So it’s better to get out of self pity as soon as possible.

Slipping into self pity is quite easy but getting out of it is not so easy. But with a little bit of sustained effort you can get out of self pity.

Be Alert

You have to be on guard as far as self-pity is concerned. It creeps into your being and takes over everything good. You have to be on high alert if you want to get rid of self pity. Pay attention to your thought. Whenever self-pity sneaks in try to stop that thought pattern immediately. Otherwise it triggers a chain reaction and you will never know that you are again indulging in unaffordable self-pity.

Talk to Yourself

Whenever you find out that self-pity is creeping in into your conscious being; tell yourself that you are not going to indulge in this expensive hobby, however self-gratifying it seems. It is always more empowering to choose self improvement. Talking to yourself will help you in devising ways to deal with self-pity. Experts tricks don’t help all the time. Sometimes think out on your own that how you are going to deal with self-pity

Devise A System for Yourself

When you become aware that you are nourishing this self-pity try to do things that help you deal with self-pity. You can choose any of the following:

  • Exercise: Exercise helps you in getting rid of the negative thoughts. Toxins are also flushed out of your body when you exercise and so does the self pity.strikes you. But you can choose other healthy activities.
  • Power of Choosing: Train your mind to think in different manner. You can always tell your mind that you will not chose victim-hood. It is not a cliché but really true that you should start counting your blessings. If you can’t think, then take a pencil and paper and write down your blessings. Blessings and self-pity are mutually exclusive events. So after jotting down be sure that you will not be feeling pity for yourself.
  • Throwing Pity out, out of self-pity: Sometimes you can’t exercise or write down your blessings. Then try this powerful technique to get out of self pity. Close your eyes. Think about self-pitying thoughts with FULL force. Let them come. Concentrate on bundling all the self-pity thoughts. Then imagine of a well, toilet seat, dustbin, window or whatever catches your fancy. One by one, dump all the self-pity in that pit. ALL of it. Try doing this mental exercise whenever you feel the need. One day you won’t feel the need for this exercise.
  • Stop Powering Others or Forgive and Forget: Again it may sound like a cliché but its not. Forgive and forget is the one of the most empowering thoughts you can adorn yourself with. Past is gone. No matter how much you want to go back there, the truth is you CAN’T. But present and future is in your hand. If you don’t forgive and forget that means you are giving unnecessary power to others to hold you down. You are giving others to remote control your life that too from distant past. Take that remote control in your hand. Let go of the old grudges and sorrowful happenings. You will fell lighter.
  • Stop Comparing: You are your own unique person so how can you compare yourself with others? You will be bombard with good life ads from TV, magazines, newspapers etc. don’t let them define for you what is good for you. Do your own things. Find out what makes you happy and contented. Set out to achieve your own goals not what others are saying. So don’t pay attention to ads and feel like a loser. Embark on the path of self discovery.
  • Create a Positive Force Around you: It is not something very difficult to achieve. You don’t have to be a highly spiritual person to possess a positive aura around you. You have to smile a lot, laugh a lot, develop a sense of humor, help others, get a hobby, spread warmth and nurture friendships. You can always cultivate these qualities. A healthy positive force helps in getting rid of self-pity.

Don’t lose perspective while you are trying to get out of self-pity. In the beginning self-pity will try to stay with you as a faithful companion but with a little bit of effort, you can get rid of it easily.