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How to become a better listener

When you become a better listener you remember more and learn faster because your mind is not distracting. Your better learning skills come handy in school, college, board meetings and even during casual conversations. Men are often blamed for not remembering small things their girlfriends, wives, mothers or sisters tell them simply because they rarely learn the art of listening.

You can become a better listener by consciously making an effort. Nobody can force you to pay attention (we’re not talking in terms of somebody pointing a gun at your head and you thinking about whether the girl whom you met just a while ago had silicon implants or…) and it’s you has to decide. If you want to become a better listener, you need to recognize things that stop you from being a better listener:

  • You might be constantly distracted.
  • You might have been interrupted while you were doing something really intense
  • The subject is boring you to death (or putting you to sleep, to be more realistic)
  • The appearance of the person is more interesting than his or her talk
  • There is a lot going in your head
  • You are feeling terribly sick and might collapse if immediate medical help is not provided

And there can be thousands of other things.

In order to become a better listener, prepare to be one first of all. Decide that when you are going to engage in a conversation, or when you are going to listen to somebody talking, you are going to really listen. You are going to avoid everything that make you less than a better listener. Here are a few things you can try:

Become interested in the subject in order to become a better listener

Without an active interest it’s not possible to listen to somebody attentively. Think it this way, now that you are already there, why not make the most of it? If you cannot avoid sitting in front of somebody and if you cannot even stop that person from talking, why not take an active interest in what that person has to say? In case you already know what’s going to be the topic of discussion, do some research and acquaint yourself with the topic. Once you are interested, you’ll automatically listen better.

Get rid of distracting habits

Are you constantly shuffling papers or scratching yourself or changing posture or looking around here and there while the other person is talking? Stop doing that. It not only turns you into a bad listener it may also distract and offend the person talking to you. Feel relaxed. Take a deep breath and be still. The world is not falling apart.

Don’t interrupt midway

Some people have this nagging habit of starting their own binge while the other person is still talking. This shows you’re too obsessed about what you have to say and you are in such a hurry that you cannot even wait for the other person to complete his or her sentence.

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