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How to follow the best SEO strategies

SEO is not just about getting higher search engine rankings and getting lots of traffic from search engines, the basic tenant of following the best SEO practices is generating targeted traffic. The best SEO practices don’t involve targeting the search engine algorithms, they involve targeting the actual people who are going to use the search terms that enabled them to find your website or web page as soon as possible. Listed below are some of the best SEO practices you can follow in order to get targeted traffic to your website or blog:

  • Define your niche and stick to it: SEO is all about targeting and focusing. The more you expand your subject the less is the amount of targeted traffic you are going to get. For example, a blog on SEO must contain lots of content on SEO rather than different esoteric topics that may catch your fancy. Having lots of content about Android phones is always going to generate more targeted traffic than content on gadgets also featuring Android phones.
  • Decide your keywords keeping humans in mind: Although it is the search engine algorithms that do the fundamental number-crunching and decide how your pages are going to rank according to the various keywords, ultimately the keywords that are used by your human visitors are the ones that matter the most. Focus on them. Interact with your visitors and ask people around what keywords or search terms they would use in order to find your product or service and then create content using those keywords.
  • Take your content really seriously: Regularly publishing high-quality content targeting your core audience is one of the most important ingredients of the best SEO practices. Primarily it is your content that draws traffic to your website or blog from various sources. But merely drawing traffic doesn’t give you business. That content also needs to convert and this is where it actually counts. It doesn’t matter if you can attract 20,000 visitors every day if only 5 of them do business with you (it’s another matter if those 5 can generate enough revenue for you to sustain). For good SEO practices, quality content is a must.
  • Focus on your social media and social networking presence: Everybody and his or her grandmother are on Facebook and in many cases also on Twitter. And many more are constantly uploading videos to YouTube. In fact, many TVs these days are shipped with YouTube streaming abilities. So social networking and social media isn’t going anywhere, it is going to grow. This is the reason why search engines are taking content on social media websites damn seriously. So whenever you are creating posts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Tumblr, keep in mind that these might show up on search result pages of various search engines.
  • Create page titles using your primary key phrases: This is a point that needs to be stressed upon again and again. It is disputed how important page titles are for your search engine rankings, but they definitely make a big difference. Page titles containing keywords definitely rank better than those containing other words.

So these are a few best SEO practices that you can implement in order to generate tons of targeted traffic from search engines and elsewhere. If you have more SEO tips to share please share them in the comments section.