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How to block or disable all Facebook ads

Are you constantly annoyed by all those Facebook ads popping up on your timeline and also on the sidebar. Although personally I am not against such advertisements because they can be the bread and butter of a website that you are using for free, but since Facebook allows you to block and unblock advertisements, it’s no harm in knowing how to do that.

In order to block or disable all Facebook ads, you need to go to settings first.

Blocking Facebook ads – going to the settings section

In the proceeding screen you will find the link that you want, on the left sidebar.

Blocking Facebook ads sidebar links

In the Facebook Adverts section you can control the blocking and unblocking of two advertisement sources, viz., from third parties, and from your friends.

The advertisements that come from your friends might be them liking some Facebook page of a brand or company and then the notification showing up on your timeline, or some ad being created due to their action. Anyway, this is how you disable Facebook ads from third parties:

In the “Adverts shown by third parties” click “Edit third party adverts settings”.

From the drop down options, just select “No one” and then click “Save changes”.

Then go back, (using your browser back button)

Now you can do the same in the “Adverts and friends” section. Once you have done that, all the ads from third parties as well as your friends will be disabled on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “How to block or disable all Facebook ads

  1. Ski

    Why would that hide ad's? Its has nothing to do with that if you read the text. I tested your theory anyway and it didn't work

  2. jb

    seems that we have no choice here… we have to look at those stupid ads… some of them are really disturbing. :(((((((((((

  3. Andy

    This does not work at all! My setting for third party advertisments were already set to “No one” and I still get ads. All this does is prevent Facebook from giving third party applications or advert networks the right to use your name or picture in adverts in the future.

  4. kevin adams

    i have blocked as per your suggestions . i shall see if it works.
    note that facebook help centre says that you cant block adverts at all,
    i find adverts to be time wasting and intensely irritating ( also counter productive as i refuse to buy anything from junk advertising)

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