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How to use blogging to improve your website SEO

Blogging is a great way to improve your website SEO simply because blogs in themselves are developed and published in such a manner that they cater to most of the whims and fancies of search engine algorithms. Whether you are publishing your blog under your main business domain or as a separate domain in both the ways directly or indirectly you can improve your website SEO with blogging. Here is how:

Put your website link on your blog

In all probability your blog is going to have a better page rank compared to your website unless you are able to generate more buzz for your website through various other means. Since on your blog you continuously publish new content the search engine crawlers crawl and index your blog with greater frequency compared to your main website. Since they try to crawl most of the links present on your blog there is a greater chance that they will crawl your main website too with greater frequency. Preferably put the link to your main website at the top or somewhere on the sidebar so that it appears on every blog post and every page on your blog.

Provide other online publishers enough incentive to link to your blog

As you publish more and more quality content people begin linking to your blog to add value to their own content. When they link to your blog, indirectly they will also be linking to your website and consequently this will help improve your website SEO.

Link to your website from within your blog posts

Whenever there is a right context link to your website from within your various blog posts. Take care that you use appropriate hypertext. Then after linking to your website from particular blog posts try to promote those blog posts on various forums, blogs and social networking websites so that other people can link to this blog post.

Use your blog to publish press releases for your main business website

Although you must use professional press release services for more effective SEO you can also publish a copy on your own blog while linking back to your main website. Since press release is normally a news people eagerly link to it from their blogs and websites.

These are a a few elementary things you can do to use blogging to improve your website SEO. If you have more suggestions please share them in the comments section.