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How to boost your brand presence on Twitter

It’s good that you are constantly posting high-quality content on Twitter, but along with postings and engagements, you also need to portray your brand presence in a clear manner, according to this blog post on the Twitter Tools and Tips Blog. Although recently we read on this blog that more than visual presence it is the perception that actually defines your brand, some sort of visual presence is also needed in order to enhance your brand. After all, if people cannot recognize you, how are they going to perceive you? Building a solid brand presence is an amalgamation of many steps.

In order to boost your brand presence on Twitter, you can do the following, according to the above-mentioned link:

  • Use the new Twitter header feature
  • Although it is too late if you have already started using the Twitter handle, but if you haven’t and you’re just about to create a new brand presence on Twitter, choose your Twitter ID carefully
  • Put your link in the profile since it is the most observed Twitter page concerning you. Most of the people, before following you on your brand, will check out the profile page, so put the most important URL concerning you or your business over there.
  • Promote your brand profile page whenever you get an opportunity. You can put the link on your website, on your blog and even on your stationery and business cards.

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