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How to breed creativity with rejection

If your life, your career goals depend on others’ acceptance, the rejection is something you should always prepare for. It doesn’t just happen because the person who rejects your doesn’t like you or holds a personal grudge against you, he or she subjects you to rejection because he or she cannot recognise your potential at that time. You will be surprised to learn on this link that Lady Gaga was rejected by her initial record company and for two years she had to struggle before she could sign up with another label. The person who was responsible for her rejection in the first record company must have kicked himself or herself indefinitely when she became phenomenally famous.

What life gives you, what others do to you, is not in your hand, but how you react, is certainly in your hand. The same goes for rejection. You can either wallow in abject misery after being rejected, or you can use it as another opportunity to redefine yourself and enhance your abilities.

The above-mentioned link talks about a study that was conducted to see the impact of rejection in people and how it affects their creativity levels. To their surprise, people who faced rejection fared well compared to those who didn’t. How did it happen? Again, it depends on how you react when you face rejection. How do you become more creative when people who were supposed to accept you, encourage you, reject you.

Here are a few things you can do:

Don’t take rejection personally

In most of the cases rejection has got nothing to do with who you are and how that person feels about you. You merely don’t fit in the scheme of things. Whether it is not being accepted in the school football team or not making to the finals of a singing competition, there is nothing personal (unless you have real reasons to think that way).

Instead of taking rejection personally, make a list of factors that caused it. How can you eliminate them? How can you make it better?

Believe in yourself

You do something because you believe you can do it. You dance because you believe that you can. You write because you know that you can write. When you believe in yourself rejection reaffirms your resolve.

Recognize the opportunity

Rejection gives you more time to hone your skills and increase your expertise level. It compels you to do better. It gives you a chance to prove the other person wrong (although you should not give somebody that much importance, but this can be done in a good way). Just as I mentioned above, just imagine how that person must have felt who cancelled Lady Gaga’s contract. It must have cost him his job.

Rejection can be of many types and you cannot pinpoint exactly what sort of rejection is good and what sort of it is bad. But as the famous saying goes, when life gives you lemons make lemonade.