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How to build an effective content marketing team

As more and more businesses are fast embracing content marketing as their primary form of online advertising and promotion, building an effective content marketing team can be a highly critical business decision. If you are a small business and if you have lots of time at hand, you can spend the extra time you have with you creating content for your website or blog. But if you are a big business and you want to publish lots of high-quality, relevant and topical content you will need a team of content writers.

The best way of going forward is, according to this Copy Blogger blog post, knowing the full scope of your marketing effort. As I have already mentioned above, if you are a small business there is no need for you to hire a content marketing team unless you have lots of money to invest and really big plans. On the other hand, if you are a big business you can easily afford to assemble a highly effective team.

Assembling a team of content writers and marketers isn’t as easy as it may seem initially. It is not just about hiring low-cost writers from developing countries. Although there is nothing wrong in getting lots of cheaper content that is also of good quality, you will need a mix of expertise and labor, just like in any enterprise.

Content marketing isn’t just about publishing lots of content with great speed. You have to understand your audience and you need to produce content according to the channel you are using. You will need a good mix of high-end and low-end content – low-end doesn’t mean low quality, it means you can get fairly well-written content from low-charging writers at great speed.

While creating your content marketing team you will need to know what sort of content you’re going to produce, publish and market:

  • Blog posts and guest blog posts
  • Expert articles for your own website as well as other websites
  • Press releases
  • Online forums content
  • White papers and case studies
  • Infographics
  • Content curation
  • Social media and social networking

All these channels require a certain amount of expertise and you will need to assemble a team accordingly.