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How to build a Twitter strategy for your business


You must build a Twitter strategy for your business if you really want to tap into this massive social media marketing tool. The biggest advantage of building a Twitter strategy for your business is that you can directly communicate to and interact with people on 1-1 basis without intruding upon their space. On social media people decide whether they want to keep in touch with you and not the other way around. It is not like e-mail marketing where you get people’s e-mail addresses and then all of a sudden one fine day you start filling up their inboxes.

Since social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are meant for those people who consciously decide to communicate with each other and stay in touch it is easier to gain recognition and become familiar to your target audience. But it is not as simple as creating a profile and inviting people to join you. You have to create an effective presence. How do you do that? You need a strategy to attract the right people to your profile, begin following you, pay close attention to what you’re saying. Of course it also means you have to pay close attention to what you are saying.

Good communication happens when you know where you stand, where the other person stands and how both of you think, and this is where strategy comes in. A well-built Twitter strategy for your business can help you in the following manner:

Select the right audience

It is very important that you select the right audience for your Twitter communication. If you are introducing a new product for geeks you will need to target them instead of targeting people who are simply interested in fancy gadgets. In the same manner if you are into films you will need to target people who are interested in knowing about films. Of course, these are very broad categories and normally it takes lots of effort to actually figure out who would be the right audience for you. The best example would be managing a Twitter profile for web design business. Who would you like to target? What sort of content are you going to post? You have to be constantly visible, and for that you have to regularly post content. Now if you’re going to post content for whom are you going to post it? As a web design company you might end up posting content for web designers rather than for your clients. Although there is nothing wrong in that, because your overall visibility may help you get more work, you may end up attracting an audience who won’t be much eager to do business with you. So, be careful what sort of audience you decide to interact with through your Twitter account.

Speak the language of your audience

This is very important. You must speak in a language your audience is comfortable in. They should be able to relate to whatever you are talking about. The language may depend on the age group, the profession and the interest. People interested in sci-fi movies may have a different language compared to those interested in classical literature. If you mix of the languages you may end up alienating your core audience.

Define how you are going to speak

Are you going to sound professional, nonprofessional or indifferent. Are you going to take political stands? For instance, there are many businesses who have stayed away from talking about the recent WikiLeaks controversy, but there are many other businesses who have spoken openly against or in favor of the entire event. Once you have closely recognized your audience it becomes easier for you what language you want to talk with them in.

Defining performance metrics

You need to track the performance of any strategy in order to make it more effective. When you begin to track your strategy you know how well you are performing and what changes need to be made in order to make it more effective. You can use standardized tools or you can define your own parameters; the basic idea is knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Define your persona

Are you going to manage your Twitter account as a person or as a company or organization? This is very important and it is going to effect Twitter presence. This seriously needs to be taken into consideration as you may end up wasting lots of time if later on you decide to change your persona from professional to personal or vise-versa.

These are the basic points that can help you define or build a Twitter strategy for your business. In case you have some points to share please do so in the comments section.