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Can a Business Blog Pay Dividends?

Your small business may have a well-designed website, but is it productive? Do you know how many visitors you have to your website on an average business day? Do you know where they come from?

A business blog can provide a source for new visitors to your corporate website. Not only are these visitors welcome traffic, it should be relevant traffic. They stand to become potential customers if you can tie your business blog in with the rest of your website.

How it Works

Imagine your business sells birdhouses. You may have several pages on your website where you feature the different types of birdhouses, including images and descriptions. You likely have very few visitors to your website, since most birdhouses are purchased through specialty craft stores.

After you add a business blog to your birdhouse online store, you can start spreading information about relevant topics. One example would be to answer the question on the best type of birdseed for attracting certain types of birds. That is something that an avid bird lover might search for on the Internet.

After reading over your recommendations, they may be intrigued by the other pages of your website. While they likely have a bird feeder, they may not necessarily have a birdhouse. This could result in a sale in your online web store.

Similar for Many Businesses

While the above example shows how a business blog could be utilized to generate a sale by publishing a relevant article, you could follow a similar approach to create interest and orders at your own company website. The steps are the same. You just have to think about what types of questions that your customers likely have. You have to think like a customer, not a business owner.

Keyword Research

By conducting a little keyword research, you can find the types of questions or inquiries that your potential customers likely have. Answer those questions in your business blog and you could have a source of new clients. Unlike Google AdWords or other paid marketing, these customers can be sourced for free!


You can integrate a business blog into a WordPress premium themes with ease. It can all be done right from the dashboard of your WordPress installation. Simply log in and select the appropriate theme. To create your first blog entry, just select New Post.