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How to change your Gmail account password

Gmail security

Due to the latest spree in hacking various online services such as Gmail and LinkedIn, are you contemplating changing your Gmail account password? It makes sense and you should do it before somebody hacks into your e-mail and accesses all your confidential data. Changing your password would be beneficial only if you create a very strong password.

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Once you have logged into your Gmail account using your existing password, you need to go to your “Settings”. Make sure that you are logged into your e-mail account and not into one of the other Google services (although you can change your password from anywhere, why get confused?). The icon for your “Settings” will be at the top, extreme right. This is how it looks:

Gmail settings icon

When you click this icon you will see a drop-down and in that drop-down you will need to click “Settings”. Once you are there you will see various tabs (depending upon the current theme you’re using, they may appear as simple blue hyperlinks or three-dimensional buttons).

Here you have to click “Accounts”.

Under the “Accounts” tab you will see “Change password”.

Once you click it, you will be prompted to enter your current password (just in case someone else is not trying to change your password while you are logged in) and your new password, twice.

Once you click “Change Password”, your Gmail account password is changed.