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How to change your Twitter username easily

Do you want to change your Twitter username? When you started using Twitter a few years ago you never knew that it would matter what sort of Twitter username you have. Maybe you created a Twitter username just for fun and it didn’t sound very respectful or trustable. There are many individuals who use their Twitter usernames as also their business contacts.

Why change your Twitter username instead of creating a new one?

Simply because you will not like to lose your followers. It takes lots of effort and communication to increase your followers count and if you create a new Twitter username from scratch you will have to start the entire process again and it may again take you 2-3 years to reach the count you have now. Although it is a different matter if you have lots of money to spend or if you are a celebrity: then it hardly matters how many new Twitter usernames you create for yourself, you’re always going to get followers in hordes.

For the lesser known ones it is always prudent to change your existing Twitter username rather than creating a new one.

Changing your Twitter username is quite easy actually. Just login to your account and go to Settings (you can access settings by clicking the down arrow on the right hand side of your name on your Twitter profile page). Type in the new username in the Username field and if that name is available you will get it immediately. Once you have entered the new name save the details and you have changed your Twitter username.

But then what happens to your older Twitter username?

For the time being it is gone completely. Since there are many people who will still be using your older Twitter username and if you have been using your older Twitter username at different places on the Internet they will keep sending traffic to that particular profile name. So it is advisable to quickly create a new account using your older Twitter username. Then on the profile page simply mention that you have created a new Twitter username for yourself and your updates are available over the. You can also post a single tweet mentioning the same.