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How to check your data usage and monitor it in Android

Android is perhaps the greatest smart phone operating system on the block and there is a horde of applications you can use on it. The greatest advantage of any smart phone is that you can browse the Internet and use all the applications that need to access the web. The problem is, you are paying for the data usage. Whether you are using 3G or 4G or any other data plan available in your region, the company that provides you Internet access on your phone charges you for downloading and uploading data. Up till a particular amount (3 GB, 4.5 GB, etc.) you don’t have to pay but once you have crossed your limit surfing the Internet can be quite expensive, especially when there is no warning system when you have run out of your allocated bandwidth.

In Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) there is an inbuilt interface that allows you to check your data usage and monitor it. In the previous versions you may have to install third-party utilities in order to check your data usage.

In Android 4.0 there is an inbuilt tool that not only allows you to monitor your data usage but also set warning signs and stop your data usage altogether once you cross a particular limit.

From your home screen, go to the Settings menu, scroll down and go to “Wireless and Networks” and there you will find “Data usage”

How to check data usage in Android

And once you tap on “Data usage”, you get the following “geeky” looking screen:

Monitor data usage in Android

This screen tells you what sort of data your phone is currently using. Just beneath the “Mobile data” on/off switch you can see “Set mobile data limit”. There is a check box facing it. If it is not checked, check it.

Limit data usage in Android

Beneath this check box you can also see two lines you can move around. The orange line is the warning line and the red line is the limit line where your mobile data usage must stop once you have crossed the limit. You can easily move these lines up and down with your finger and set your warning limits and stop limits.

Suppose you have a data plan that gives you 4 GB of data usage. You would like your phone to warn you of the upcoming cap when you have crossed 3.5 GB. So you can set your deadline to 4 GB and your orange line to 3.5 GB.

In order for this to work efficiently you need to know your data usage cycle that is often provided by your mobile Internet provider. You can find it by calling your provider or it will also be there on your phone bill. Once yout know that, just under “Data usage” there is an option that allows you to set your data usage cycle.

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