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How to clean a smart phone touchscreen

Cleaning the smart phone touchscreen

You’re constantly touching your smart phone touchscreen and the problem with such phones is you cannot even avoid it. Since every operation of your smart phone involves touching the screen, you leave smudges, fingerprints and sometimes even stains on your touchscreen. The best way to keep your touchscreen clean is to always use clean fingers. This is especially important if you are having some oily food.

Many mainstream smart phones have scratchcards and screen guards that you can put on your main screen in order to keep it perpetually clean. This way whatever wear and tear happens it happens to the screen guard rather than your original screen. Besides, even if you end up spoiling your screen guard while cleaning it you can always replace it. Another advantage of using a screen guard is you can keep it clean with any regular mild detergent.

Over the years it is just not possible to keep your smart phone touchscreen squeaky clean the way it came from the factory. Even if you are extremely careful, there will be many people around you who will be casually using your smart phone and leaving all sorts of marks on the screen (especially kids who are extra fond of such phones).

How do you clean the touchscreen of your smart phone?

Switch off the smart phone before beginning to clean, or at least turn off the screen or otherwise you’ll end up launching multiple programs.

If it is just the smudges, you can easily wipe them off with a soft cloth. Most of the phones these days are shipped with a microfibre cloth that can be used to keep your phone clean. Microfibre cloths don’t leave tiny particles stuck on your touchscreen.

Don’t use just any cloth on your touchscreen because you may end up damaging it instead of cleaning it. Keep away hard and coarse clothes especially. If somehow you have misplaced the microfibre cloth, you can use the corner of your cotton shirt or T-shirt instead.

Also make sure that the cloth that you’re using to clean the touchscreen is not dirty itself otherwise you will have worst smudges than originally you had.

You can also purchase a screen cleaning kit easily from eBay or some other place because they come with with the right liquid and you will also get antistatic wipes that are totally safe for your touchscreen.

If that is not available, the best option is to use a liquid detergent mixed with plenty of water. Dip the cloth slightly and then gradually move it in circular motion over the touchscreen. Don’t press very hard or you will end up damaging the screen.

You can also use alcohol (of good quality) if nothing else is available at home. Some people also use homoeopathic medicines because they are normally pure alcohol. Again, only mildly put it on the cloth and then move the cloth either clockwise or anticlockwise on the screen.

In the end, it is better to protect your screen rather than having to clean it with various things. Screen guards and scratchcards are not very expensive and you can easily get it from one of the online stores at much cheaper rates. They will perfectly fit on your smart phone.