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How to get closer to your customers by using Google Plus

According to this blog post right now there are 250 million people using Google Plus and on an average they spend 12 minutes everyday on the website. Although known for catering to mainly a geeky audience, Google Plus is fast becoming mainstream.

Many social networking websites by the end of the day want to build a platform that can be commercially used. All their energies are focused towards that goal. No company offers you a social networking platform simply to facilitate network and community interaction (unless it is being promoted by a nonprofit for specifically that reason). It means creating a serious presence on social networking websites like Google Plus is as important as, for example, keeping your website spruced up or trying to improve your search engine rankings.

Google being a search engine, takes search seriously. It recognizes that search is an integral part of social media consumption and that is why it is incorporating search features as seriously as it does on its main website. If you are a “local business” and you want to be discovered by your local customers and clients, you will find the choice of locality quite interesting in Google Plus. Suppose you are a detective agency based out of Los Angeles. If you have a presence on Google Plus and if somebody searches for a detective agency and selects Los Angeles as the location, your listing may appear in the search results.

Google Plus local search

This makes it imperative that you not only have a business page on Google Plus but also have all the descriptions and other business details in place. And also include the location in your description and tag words. For instance, if you are a detective agency in Los Angeles, then mention that (something like, “detective agency in Los Angeles”) in your description.

It goes without saying that Google Plus profiles and pages that are updated frequently show up more compared to those that are left inactive. So put lots of information about your business. Whenever you can, share photographs and videos with people in your circles. Participate in ongoing conversations. Engage your audience. You can also organize a Google Hangout where your existing and prospective customers and clients can come together and talk on a central theme directly or remotely related to your business.

These are fundamental activities that can be applied to your social networking and social media presence on any website and not just Google Plus. The moot point is if you’re thinking of a solid social media marketing strategy, do not ignore Google Plus.