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How to get your comments blocked or deleted

Leaving comments on other blogs is a great way of showing that you really appreciate what the blogger has published and you would also like to express your own thoughts on the topic. You have something valuable to say and you would like to share it with not just that particular blogger, but also with his or her audience. Right?

Ideally it should be like that. But many people get carried away. Whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally, according to this blog post, they end up creating a situation that gets their comments blocked or deleted.

At the most fundamental level people leave comments on other blogs for two purposes: because they really want to leave comments; they just want to drop links.

There are many aspects of the former purpose that can get your comments blocked or deleted including

  • Being rude: Just because you don’t agree with someone it doesn’t mean that you have to be rude with that person. In a very simple manner to you can express your disagreement. Even if you can find a clear mistake, you need to politely point that out and then also present the right fact. By being rude, even if you’re right, you end up being the bad person.
  • Being a troll: Trolls are famous for creating lots of nuisance on the Internet. They just want to be nasty in order to cause trouble for the person they are trying to hurt or damage reputation of. They never mean to hold any meaningful discussion. They are mostly creating noise.
  • Being off topic: Even if your intentions are good, if your comments are totally off topic they will be deleted or blocked by the moderator or the owner of the blog. Stay on the topic of the blog post where you are commenting.
  • Using your company name or keywords instead of your actual name: This is a sure shot way of telling that you’re leaving comments just to create anchor text linking back to your own website or blog. Why would someone allow you to do that?
  • Using ALL CAPS: You don’t necessarily mean any harm by using all caps but on the Internet they mean that you’re shouting.