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How to complete all tasks on your to-do list

Completing your to-do lists

Have you been creating your to-do lists without ever completing even 30% of the tasks you list? With an onslaught of task management (to-do list management) applications and services available for your computers and mobile devices (for instance any.do) it can be quite exciting creating long lists of things you want to accomplish in a day or a week. Even assigning different tasks to different calendar dates can charge you up.

But in most of the cases, the to-do lists remain uncompleted and unfinished. You never get to tick them off. Assuming that you are serious about your work, do you know what is the biggest culprit?

This short video on Fast Company calls it your big ugly frog, the most daunting, the most difficult task that you need to achieve in order to make your day successful. And since it is such a difficult task, it ends up dominating all the other tasks. This is how discouragement begins to seep in. Since you cannot complete this task, even the other tasks remain incomplete and unfinished. This particular task is the big spoiler. This sabotages your entire to-do list for the day. What do you do? You eat this big ugly frog the first thing in the morning. Once you have eaten this frog, that is, once you have dealt with this particular daunting task, the remaining tasks no longer remain a big deal, you can easily complete them.

It will be further helpful if you know in advance which big ugly frog you have to eat the first thing in the morning if you can identify it the night before.