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How to connect your PC or laptop to your TV

Connect laptop to TV

Still watching high-definition movies and TV programs on your laptop or PC screen? There was a time when your computer and laptop screen used to be much better than your standard definition TV, but with the advent of high resolution and high definition TVs like plasma TVs, flat panel LCDs and other technologies, it makes much more sense to watch high quality movies on them rather than on your laptop or computer.

Although you can easily burn a DVD and then play it on your DVD player, the biggest advantage of watching movies on your PC or laptop is that you can also use subtitle files associated with the movie files. In fact, this is the biggest reason why I prefer to watch movies on my computer. The VLC player easily lets me use .srt files or .sub files with the movie files.

One option would be to use a software to burn the subtitles right into the movie files, but this can be a big headache. Instead, you can connect your PC or your laptop to your regular as well as high-definition TV and enjoy the movie on a bigger screen, with subtitles or without them.

Using your standard computer monitor cable to connect to your TV

This is the easiest solution. If you are using a PC then there is the cable that comes from your PC to your monitor. You can take this cable out of the monitor and plug it into your TV (there is a slot there in most modern TVs). In Windows, either automatically the computer screen will start appearing on your TV, or you will have to alter your display settings. Anyway, it just involves a couple of steps and now you can watch your PC desktop on your TV.

Regular PC monitor cable

The problem with this sort of connection is you still have to depend on your PC speakers for sound.

Using S-Video cable for the connection

If you use a laptop instead of a PC, you can easily get an S-Video cable (take it from your old unused PC) and then connect both the devices. This is how an S-Video cable looks like.

S-Video cable

Since an S-Video cable has all the things you need, you will also be able to hear the sound through the TV rather than through your laptop.

Using HDMI connection

You don’t have to bother with a extension of the abbreviation, but it stands for high definition multimedia interface. And HDMI cable is perhaps the best way of connecting your PC or laptop to your TV because then you can transmit high-definition multimedia content to your TV. Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect both the appliances, on Intel.com website.