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How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your PC wirelessly

Do you find it tiresome to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your PC with your USB cable each time you need to transfer files to and fro? The USB cable is also called the data cable, and the problem is you also need this cable to keep your device charged. Again, you can keep the data cable hooked to your PC for ever but then again, in the times of seamless networking it seems like a big nuisance to having to unplug the data cables from various locations in order to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your PC.

You can do this wirelessly. You don’t need your data cable in order to connect your tablet to your PC. There are a couple of ways you can directly connect both your devices in order to move your files from one location to another. Well, considering the widespread use of cloud hosted drives, you don’t even need special tools in order to share files between your computer and your tablet.

The first method you might already be using: Dropbox. Save all your files that you need to access between your Samsung Galaxy Tab and your PC in your Dropbox folder and they automatically become available on both the devices.

If Dropbox is not your thing then you will actually need to connect the devices. The first method is using Software Data Cable which is an android app that once installed, lets you access your device from your PC by simply using the dynamically generated IP address. While the application is running, enter the IP address in Windows Explorer on your PC and you will be able to see all the available drives on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Software Data Cable

Another method is using an FTP server. You will need to install any of the available FTP servers on Google Play and then install it on your tablet. This too is not very complicated. Take for instance WellFTP server that you will need to install on your Samsung Galaxy Tab and keep it running. As you can see in the below presented image

WellFTP server

it gives you an FTP IP address. Then from your PC you can use any of your favourite FTP clients and upload and download files from there. Just keep in mind that each time you start the FTP server on your tablet it might give you a different FTP IP address that you will have to alter on the FTP client running on your PC.

These are one of the few easiest ways of connecting your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your PC without the data cable, wirelessly.