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How to cope with depression and improve your mood

Coping with depression

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Depression is as much a part of your life as is happiness. If you want to cope with depression and improve your mood first of all you have to accept that it is a natural occurrence and it happens to everybody, and sometimes multiple times a day. There can be many reasons for depression: aside from circumstances you may also suffer from depression due to ill-health and lack of chemicals or abundance of chemicals that can disturb your harmony.

You can cope with depression if you really want to get rid of it and improve your mood. There are some people who just want to feel depressed and don’t want to come out of it and that might be a big problem and you may need help from some other person. But if you’re in such a frame of mind that you want to ward off depression and improve your mood here a few things you can do:

Get out of your present situation

The first thing to do in order to cope with depression and improve your mood is to get out of the situation under which you are feeling depressed. Move out if you have to. Depending on the degree of depression you can go out for a couple of hours or you can plan a long-lasting outing. For instance if you have recently gone through a breakup, a great personal loss or a setback in your career, no matter how much reluctance you face from your mind and body, you must go somewhere away from this place and recollect yourself. It will do you good even if you can go somewhere for just a couple of days.

Get active

By simply lying on your bed or aimlessly switching TV channels is not going to help you cope with depression and improve your mood. You will need to get on your feet and do something. You can cook for yourself or for somebody around you. Even if there is nobody around you can simply cook and take the food to your neighbour or some homeless guy. You can also rearrange your house, do some gardening, reconfigure your hardware (computers, gadgets and appliances, for instance). You don’t necessarily have to indulge in these activities; the basic idea is to get active and do something that engages your body and mind.

Start learning something new

This is an excellent way of coping with depression. Have you been wanting to learn a new language or a new skill but never got to doing it? Perhaps this is the right time to do it. Learning something new always makes you think out of the box and takes your mind away from the current depressing situation. I don’t mean to say you should ignore the problem but in order to deal with it first you have to come out of your depressing state and look at things objectively.

Start doing exercise

Exercise and physical activity rids your body of toxins and relaxes your muscles (provided you don’t overdo it). Start going for a brisk walk or a mild run if you haven’t been exercising for a while. You can also join the local gym. Avoid exercising at home because the same old environment may not help you much. You can also go to the neighbourhood park for some exercise, yoga or tai chi.

Improve the quality of your food intake

Depression may also not leave due to bad eating habits. Your body requires a certain chemical balance and if that balance is not attained your mind feels exhausted and goes into a state of “depression”. Since it is a muscle it feels drained sometimes and since it controls our thoughts when it is extremely malnourished and exhausted we feel as if we’re depressed. If you are consuming too many sweets and carbohydrates you may end up feeling depressed. Instead increase the consumption of fresh foods and leafy vegetables.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol causes dehydration and this may give you cramps and also affect your blood secretion. In many cases it also reduces the amount of oxygen reaching your brain. It is especially recommended during depression and bad moods that you don’t drink alcohol. Surprisingly people end up consuming alcohol to improve their mood but this doesn’t work.

Drink lots of water

Water flushes out all the toxins and rejuvenates your body cells. It also inculcates a feeling of wellness. In fact you can consider reducing the consumption of food and increasing the consumption of water.

Write down your thoughts

This helps you let out your thoughts in case nobody is around you to whom you can talk. Whether it is anger or sadness start writing. A long time ago when people had just started blogging there were a few bloggers who had started their blogs to talk about their depression and there were some great results. If you don’t feel like writing you can record.

Help someone

Helping someone in need is one of the greatest ways of coping with depression and improving your mood. Nothing compares to being responsible for a smile on a face. It is a magical feeling and you can only experience it, you cannot explain it.

There are many cases of depression that cannot be helped simply by altering your lifestyle or doing something different. There are many medical situations and conditions when you have to seek help of some professional, do that immediately if you feel the need.