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How to cope with Hurricane Sandy as an entrepreneur

Infrastructure has been ravaged and businesses have been hit badly with Hurricane Sandy. The damage isn’t just direct and physical, lots of business is lost by people’s inability to do business. So how do you cope with such situations as a business or as an entrepreneur.

This Inc.com article suggests, stay in touch even when the doors are closed. What does that mean?

It means being there for your customers and clients even when they are unable to do business with you. You can provide them all the help they need within your capabilities. For instance, tech giants like Google and Amazon provided their computing power to keep the users informed and well connected. Similarly Twitter and Facebook launched separate sections so that people can coordinate rescue and evacuation.

As an entrepreneur you need to cope with such disasters on multiple levels. If you have been directly hit then obviously you will be figuring out how to minimize the loss. If you are not directly hit but a big chunk of your consumer base is located at an area that is hit by the storm, you need to be there for them in whichever capacity you can manage. Remember that this is not a business and PR opportunity for you. Just be there. Just provide all the help you can.

Many businesses that provide critical and time sensitive products and services used Twitter and Facebook to keep their customers and clients informed. They continuously Tweeted whether their services will be available during certain days or not and which of their shops and retail stores were closed. They also used their wider reach to spread public service information such as the availability of various health centers and rescue numbers.

This is also great opportunity to show your human side. Engage your customers and clients on Twitter and Facebook. Encourage them to talk to you and share their stories and experiences.