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How to create an animated GIF from a YouTube video

Animated GIF files can be really funny or even hilarious provided you can capture the right frames. With YouTube it is very easy to find a video of your choice and then convert it into a GIF file that you can publish on your blog is somewhere else.

Although you may think what is the purpose of creating a GIF file when you already have a video because after all you are looking for some kind of animation (moving pictures), one of the greatest benefits of creating a GIF file out of a YouTube video or for that matter from any sort of video is that you don’t require a plug-in in order to publish a GIF file. You can show it on your website or your blog just like a normal image file.

There is a very nice online utility at Gifsoup.com that allows you to create GIF files straight away from YouTube video URLs. If you’re looking into something more detailed and unique there is a good tutorial on creating GIF files out of YouTube videos is on this link.