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How to create an effective mission statement for your business

Creating effective business mission statement

The mission statement of your business tells the world what makes your business so special and what it stands for. That is why it is very important to create a mission statement that is effective in the sense that it totally conveys its character to your customers, clients, employees and investors. The mission statement of your business tells people why they should partner with you, do business with you, invest in your business and work for you. It must enlighten and motivate people in the least possible words. With passion and conviction you need to convey why you exist and what you aim to achieve.

The mission statement for your business is not like goals and objectives. Mission statement is intangible, holistic and non-financial whereas goals and objectives are financial, they can be quantified and represented graphically. A mission statement encapsulates your life goals rather than business goals.

Creating or developing an effective mission statement for your business can be one of the most critical milestones in the life of your business. It demands careful deliberation and lots of time. Some points mentioned below can help you create an effective mission statement for your business:

Ask questions and interview yourself

Prepare a list of questions about your business such as

  • What business you do?
  • Why you feel passionate about your business?
  • What prospects do you see for your business?
  • Why you think your business is going to survive over the years?
  • What do you bring to the table that your competitors don’t or cannot?
  • What responsibility do you feel towards your family, your friends, the society and the world?
  • What impact or legacy you want to leave behind?

Keep your mission statement short, succinct and compelling

Your mission statement should be something that can be convincingly articulated within a paragraph or within two paragraphs at the most. It shouldn’t be long because the longer mission statement fails to hold attention and consequently fails to make an impact. Every word must be measured and you should be ruthless when it comes to eliminating words or changing them.

Let your mission statement incubate

Creating an effective mission statement for your business doesn’t mean it is a once-in-a-lifetime activity and it needs to be finalized once and for all. It’s not like that. Share your mission statement with people, especially people around you and even your employees and ask them to give a response. If you have a blog you can also share your mission statement on it and ask people for advice. You can even change your business mission statement after a month or a couple of months. Altering your mission statement even if many people have gone through it is much better than being stuck with a lousy mission statement.