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How to create an effective product webpage design

An effective product webpage design is highly critical for the success of your online venture. This is a webpage when most of the customers leave the website without doing business just because they cannot figure out how to select a product they want to purchase and then how to finally buy it. All your effort to promote your website and bring new customers to it goes down the drain when even those customers who would otherwise have purchased from you leave without purchasing because you don’t have an effective product webpage design.

So how do you create an effective product webpage design?

The most important purpose of your product webpage design is to help your visitors become your paying customers. Although it shouldn’t overwhelm them with too much information, there must be enough information present on your product webpage to enable them to make the right decision. And it is not just the information that makes them buy from you, it is also important how you display that information and how easy it is to find it. Remember, the more they have to think, the more is the chance that they will leave your website without purchasing your product.

An effective product webpage gives all the information in such a manner that it creates a flawless flow towards the “purchase” button.

It is totally understandable that your product webpage must contain the following information in the most prominent and the most unobtrusive manner:

  • The exact product name
  • Highly captivating visual representations, preferably from various angles
  • Price of the product
  • Delivery method
  • Every element needed to make the purchase easily available
  • A prominent buy button
  • A balanced description of the product
  • Easily accessible product reviews, preferably by customers

And of course a visually appealing shopping cart.

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