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How to create hyperlinks to different notes in Evernote

As you go on using Evernote – the most widely used notetaking application available for practically every platform – you end up creating 100s of notes and there comes a time when tracking them and relating them to each other can become an impossible task. You can solve this problem by hyperlinking to different notes. Yes, just as you can create hyperlinks in your HTML and wordprocessing documents, you can also create hyperlinks in Evernote.

Suppose you have created a following note, title “Description list”:

  • Description one
  • Description two
  • Description three
  • Description four

And then you have created notes titled “Description one”, “Description two”, and so on.

You would like to create an Evernote hyperlink in “Description list”, for instance for “Description one” to the note that actually contains information about “Description one”.

In order to create the hyperlink, of course, you need the link. This is how you do it.

Go to the note you want to link to, and right click it

Copy Evernote hyperlink to clipboard

As you can see in the above image, you can copy the hyperlink to the clipboard.

Then go to the Evernote note from where you want to create the hyperlink and select the text, and then after selecting the text, right click

This way you can create multiple hyperlinks between your various Evernote notes.