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How to create multiple inboxes in Gmail

You can create multiple inboxes in Gmail if you want to manage multiple e-mail accounts using a single inbox. What’s the benefit of creating multiple inboxes in Gmail?

Although we have multiple e-mail accounts for a particular reason, it can help you save lots of time if you can receive all the messages from your various e-mail accounts in a single inbox. The different e-mail accounts don’t necessarily have to be Gmail accounts, but they should have an ability to forward incoming messages to your this particular Gmail account (where you are creating multiple inboxes).

In order to create and manage multiple inboxes in Gmail, first of all you have to enable multiple inboxes by first going to “Settings”

Gmail settings icon

On the screen, click on the “Labs” tab and scroll down to “Multiple inboxes”, select “Enable”, scroll at the bottom and click “Save changes”

On the “Settings” screen another tab appears by the name of “Multiple inboxes”. Set up one of the panel boxes to search for the e-mail ID that should be redirected to your newly created inbox (theoretically the inbox hasn’t been created yet).

Setting up multiple inboxes in Gmail

Create a new label and name it appropriately. This new label will be used as your newly-created inbox title.

After this you must create a filter. Filters in Gmail allow you to automate certain tasks that are repetitive but you cannot avoid doing them. They mostly follow a pattern so they can be easily automated.

Go to the same old “Settings” screen and click the “Filters” tab. There, create a new filter.

In the “To” box enter the email account ID that you want to receive in the new inbox.

Creating filter for multiple inboxes

Then create a filter in the next screen that auto-archives the incoming message, removes it from the inbox and attaches the newly-created label to it. This way all the messages from that e-mail account will be auto archived and they will appear in a separate inbox.

Creating filter for multiple inboxes

Of course in order to receive e-mail from the other e-mail account you need to first login to that e-mail account and set it to forward all the incoming messages (or according to the filter rules you can create under that account) to this particular e-mail account where you are creating multiple inboxes.