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How to create Pinterest images people like and share

Pinterest, as you may know, is an image sharing social networking platform. Recent news on various websites claim that Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter in terms of getting new user registrations as well as sending direct traffic to websites. Therefore, if you have no clue of what Pinterest is, it’s high time you spent some time figuring it out, and if you know it’s importance, it’s high time you included it in your overall content and social media marketing strategy.

Just like any other social network, your success on Pinterest depends on engagement and participation. On Twitter, when you post a message, the more people re-tweet it, the wider audience it gets. The same happens on Pinterest. When you are posting images and pictures on Pinterest you are “pinning” them. So, re-pinning is like re-tweeting. When people share your images, they re-pin them on their boards and this is how you get attention from multiple quarters.

Pinterest success is all about getting the right information with images, according to this blog post on Social Media Examiner. This makes sense: most of the images in isolation may not make the right impact. You have to mention the context especially when the image is not self explanatory. If you are posting an infographic most of the relevant information is contained within the image. But if you are posting images that cannot be understood without additional content, you should put some text inside the image. Here are a few things you can do, according to the above-mentioned link, that will make more people like and share your images on their own Pinterest boards:

  • Use relevant labels when posting images: Labels help people understand what your image is about. Most of the times Pinterest automatically derives labels from your image names (good reason to give explanatory names to your image files) but even then, use proper labels.
  • Use boards to organize your images: The name of the board can give you a fair idea of the sort of images it contains. Suppose you have created a board for you latest strips to a Mediterranean destination. So whatever photographs you post over there, will naturally be of those Mediterranean destinations.
  • Embed descriptions within your images if possible: Without spoiling the original image, you can easily open it in an image editor and embed some text on it with small hints regarding what the image is about.