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How to create SEO-friendly links in WordPress

With rapidly changing search engine ranking algorithms you are never sure what works and what no longer works. Nonetheless, everybody recommends creating SEO-friendly permalinks for your website as well as your blog. In WordPress you can easily create search engine friendly permalinks or URLs. But what exactly are they?

Permalinks are the links that are created once you publish a new blog post or page under WordPress. It basically translates to “permanent link” to the content that you have just created.

By default, when you create a blog post or a page in WordPress this is how the URL appears:


This is the default setting in WordPress but it doesn’t tell much about the link. Since keywords matter everywhere, they also matter in the URL, or the permalink. If you don’t want to leave any stone unturned while trying to improve the SEO of your WordPress blog you should consider changing the permalink/URL structure also. This is how you do it:

Once you have logged into your WordPress dashboard, on the right sidebar over your cursor over “Settings” (or you can simply click):

WordPress settings sidebar

There you will see “Permalinks”; click it.

In this section you can decide how your WordPress links or URLs are going to appear.

As you can see, the default setting is the sort of link that I have mentioned above. Below this option, there are multiple settings that you can use, and nobody is sure which one works the best. The crucial thing is, your main keywords must be as near to the beginning of the URL as possible, so it always makes sense to use your permalink format like this:


So someday if you decide to create a blog post on “Drawing with Colored Chalks” it’s url should appear something like:


As you can see your entire title appears within the URL? What’s the big deal? Aside from improving your search engine rankings, this SEO-friendly permalink doesn’t depend on extra text to convey its message. If you come across this link, by just looking at the permalink, you will be able to make out what this link is about.