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How to create social media buzz like Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen won himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by getting more than 1 million followers on Twitter in a single day? Is he a social media marketing genius, is it a fluke, or is there something really worth learning in this entire episode?

Many things were at play when people started following Charlie Sheen on Twitter like mad. All of a sudden all major tech magazine on the Internet started writing about it and almost everybody who bothers to follow celebrities and social media was tweeting about Charlie Sheen coming on Twitter.

This type of social media buzz wasn’t created in a single day. There were some basic traits that were in action when he created this world record, intentionally or unintentionally. These days he is taking social media very seriously and is also looking for an intern to manage his social media profile and presence. But was he always so aware of the power of social media? Hardly. So what was he doing right?

He was doing many things wrong and that was sure. He is known as the sociopath, a drug addict, a womaniser, a psychopath and what not. He was recently fired from a TV show (and I’m pretty sure they must be regretting the decision and underestimated the star’s influence). So what did he basically do?

He was just being himself. He was being genuine. He said what he wanted to say and stuck to that. He was unapologetic about his opinions. This is what people are looking for; originality and sincerity (no matter how fucked up that sincerity is).

This Copyblogger blog post has a nice analysis on how Charlie Sheen was able to create this massive social media buzz that social media marketing experts can only dream of.