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How to be more creative by removing creativity blocks

Do you believe that creativity is a natural gift? That it only belongs to a few fortunate people? You may like to rethink on this, according to this thought-provoking blog post. The writer of this blog post believes that just like any other skill, creativity can be taught, and you can train yourself to be creative.

You can be more creative by developing a habit of being creative. This requires “out of the box” thinking on a day-to-day basis and not only when it comes to bigger, “game changing” ideas. Even the way you send e-mails to your customers and clients can be crafted and sent creatively. You need to look at problems and solutions just from another angle.

The problem with our brain is that it loves status quo. Once you get into a habit the brain doesn’t want to leave it. It prefers to remain in a rut no matter what hardship it causes you. This is how the brain is, and it is up to you how you deal with it.

On the other hand, there is also this interesting concept of neuro plasticity. It means with repetitive tasks, brain can be rewired. The habits that you have gained can be easily gotten rid of and new habits can be acquired and gotten accustomed to. So even if you’re not used to working out of the box, you can train yourself to do so.

You can start this by exercising creativity on smaller tasks, let us say, arranging your table. What creativity can you apply to arrange your work table?

Similarly, if you want to write an article don’t just focus on the entire thing; focus on a single sentence, or even a single word. The same goes for a new web design you might be working on. Start randomly. You don’t always have to be linear in your thinking. Want to work on a novel or story? Why not begin with the end and then create the entire plot leading to it? Why not simply start a paragraph in the middle of the story and from there move left or right (or up or down, according to the way you write)?

Most of our habits are wired around bigger things and this is why creativity blocks are caused. When you start thinking on micro levels you will discover new realms of creativity that you have never experienced before. Creativity, as mentioned above, doesn’t have to pre-exist. It doesn’t have to be a natural talent. It can be cultivated. You can develop a habit of being creative. You just have to be in that mode.