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How to customize your Twitter profile page background

A customized Twitter profile background page lets you put vital information behind your Twitter stream so that people can know more about you and your business. You can see your Twitter profile page on your Twitter link http://twitter.com/yourtwitterhandle. A typical Twitter page looks like this:

Typical twitter background

Yes, I know, we don’t have a custom Twitter profile page, but we’ll soon have one.

There are two ways, in fact 3 ways you can customize your Twitter profile page background. The easiest among the 3 is using the Settings like at the top. Once you are in the settings section, you click Design, and there you’ll see a selection backgrounds that you can choose for your Twitter profile page background.

Custom twitter background choices

Just click an image and then save changes. You can also change the theme colors.

Another — the more prevalent — way of customizing your Twitter profile page background is by creating your own image. You can your favorite image editing tool to create your custom background. Just make sure it doesn’t get overlapped by the white space that shows your Twitter stream.

While creating a customer Twitter profile page background many people assume that everybody has the same screen size they have. If it matters to you that everybody should be able to view your profile you should take care it’s visible through even smaller screens. Just to make sure your customized Twitter profile page background looks good on most screen resolutions and sizes you can go to this Twitter background checker; enter your Twitter handle it the website tells you how your background fits into major screen sizes.

On the top left corner you should have your image along with your contact information like email (remember that email link won’t be clickable as it’s an image) and phone numbers. This is a good example (click the image for a fuller version):

Good example twitter background

Some people put lots of information on their Twitter profile backgrounds — it depends on you and your business.

The 3rd method involves using 3rd-party tools and utilities to create your custom Twitter profile page background. Twilk, for instance, creates a collage of your followers’ thumbnails and creates a background out of that. ClickableNow, as the name suggests, makes your custom background links clickable. For instance, if you have a link on your Twitter profile page background, people can click that link and go to your website. But a big drawback is that only those can click the links who have installed a browser add-on available on the ClickableNow website.

There are many other tools and utilities available on the Internet that can help you further customize your Twitter profile page background but the above-mentioned methods can surely get you going in the right direction.