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How should you decide if you really want to quit social media

Have you been wanting to quit social media? When I say social media I mostly refer to Facebook but it can also be Twitter or some other online place. The question of quitting it arises when you feel that you are becoming addicted to these websites and they have begun to take a toll on your time, finances as well as emotions.

Social media is a communication boom. People from across the globe can come together, exchange ideas and information and actually experience the global village. Suddenly the entire world seems to be within the reach. Students are finding their old teachers, relatives who haven’t talked for years regularly interact with each other, new business partnerships are being struck and new relationships are being discovered. In terms of mass communications, it is an unprecedented phenomena. Nonetheless, it can be addictive.

The urge to share everything and the urge to know everything can take its toll. People want to share everything these days. The problem, if at all you want to call it a problem, has grown to such an extent that instead of enjoying the moment, people are constantly worried about sharing it. Instead of enjoying and talking to each other, people are busy taking photos on their phones and uploading them on Facebook.

For some people, social media can be an addiction just like consuming alcohol or doing drug abuse. Once they start doing it, they don’t seem to be able to stop. Therefore, some people would like to stop using social media altogether. If you are among them, here are some reasons why you should quit social media:

It is affecting your self-esteem

Ain’t everybody suddenly having a super exciting life while you have no life at all? People in your timeline are visiting places, having relationships, landing up with new job assignments, buying expensive vehicles and homes and holidaying at exotic locations. What are you doing? Sitting in your basement, going through all these updates and pitying yourself. A big blow to your self-esteem. Various studies have revealed that people go through big and small bouts of depression after seeing updates from their friends and family members. Ignorance sometimes can be bliss. If you don’t check your updates you won’t come to know of their various achievements.

Some people also start stalking there ex-boyfriends and girlfriends on Facebook and consequently, find it hard to move on with their lives. Quitting social media or at least taking a prolonged break can really help you at this juncture.

It is giving you lots of tension

Interactions on social media can be really unhindered, and this is not always in a good sense. Flame wars are rampant. People are out to criticize you and put you down at every opportunity, and this is a reality. The so-called old world charm does not exist on social media. People can be as blunt as it comes. Many a times it is full of negativities and complaints. With so much negativity, you may feel overwhelmed and would like to get away from all this.

Social media is affecting your real relationships

If you are interacting more on Facebook and less to your near and dear ones, it’s time to tone down a bit. Many youngsters prefer their social media friendships over real friendships. They become reclusive and lose track of reality. They regularly interact with people living thousands of miles away but don’t even say hello to their neighbors. Many marriages and relationships have been broken by social media addiction.

Ideally there should be a balance. Social media is nothing short of a revolution. It basically connects everybody with everybody (at least those who can log onto the Internet via computers, laptops and mobile devices). You can also interact with people over phone and e-mail, but these are 1-1 communications and after a particular point you have to end the thread. On social media, especially on Facebook, communication, whether it is one to many or from many to one, is practically nonstop. Besides, it is a full multimedia assault