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How to declutter your home or house

Once in awhile you need to de-clutter your house otherwise it gets full of junk and in fact the clutter grows so much that there isn’t even enough space to move around or sit.

Decluttering is required in every household at least once in a year or twice. You keep accumulating junk no matter how hard you try to throw away things that you don’t need. Whether it is plastic boxes and bottles, old packages, computer hardware, redundant electronics or old tools and appliances, you keep collecting them thinking that very soon you will need to use them, but never actually get to use them because I that there is no need, or you buy the new ones.

If there is lots of junk at home the declutter process may seem to be quite daunting; where do I start, you might think? And it is a completely valid question. Where do you begin decluttering your house? Here are a few things you can do:

Decide what to throw away or give away

Why did you keep those things in the first place? Maybe at that time you felt you might use them one day. But if you haven’t used them for more than six months and if they are not extremely expensive you’re better off discarding them. In future in case you need to use them you can always get the new ones. Take for instance your clothes? How many of them are you actually wearing or plan to wear next season? Just discard them if you don’t need them. And what about those toys your children never play with? Decrease your tolerance level when it comes to stopping things that you may use but there is little possibility that you will ever come to using them.

Set smaller goals

You don’t need to declutter your home immediately. Bear with the junk for a couple of weeks, incorporate decluttering into your regular routine and you will find your house squeaky clean in no time. Set smaller goals. Declutter 10-15 min every day and don’t rush. You can also start with smaller rooms.

Involve your family members

It might be a bit difficult for you to take all the decisions yourself regarding what to do and what to keep, especially your kids’ toys or your spouse’s clothes. Assign each family member specific rooms, objects and timings so that the decluttering work gets distributed and you don’t have to do everything on your own. It can also be a great family activity.

Keep the things you are discarding in packs

This is especially important for those who find it extremely hard to get rid of things. When you keep them in packs you won’t be able to see them and hence there will be no craving for “saving” them in the last minute.

Decluttering can be a rewarding activity and you can decide to sustain it on an ongoing basis. Why clutter your house needlessly when you can keep it clean? Decluttering creates more space, gathers less dust and trains your mind to buy things in future wisely.