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How to develop a unique online voice

“Voice” here doesn’t mean the sound of what you say, it means your opinion and where you stand when it comes to knowing your profession and having a point of view. This blog post on Successful Blog talks about why your online voice matters.

Unfamiliarity on the Internet is rampant. Unless you meet people face to face it is often very difficult to know who they really are and what they stand for. The Internet has enabled us to deliver highly personalized services and unlike conventional commerce where individual products and services get lots of media coverage (or they are highly localized) people start their online businesses with no or very little budget for marketing, advertising and PR. So what helps them stand out? Their unique online voice.

The Internet is a noisy place. Everybody and his dog has social media presence or at least a blog. You can articulate yourself without giving it a thought. You can praise people or insult them with just a few keystrokes. This naturally creates lots of noise. Unless you’re close to people, it is very difficult to know what they are saying. Most of the time, even unconsciously, you are ignoring them.

On the other hand, people with a unique voice are hard to ignore. Who are these people?

They have opinions and their opinions matter. They perpetually seem to be in the thick of things. They have blogs and social networking profiles that are constantly buzzing with activity. How do they achieve that? How can you develop your own unique online voice? Here are a few things to ponder:

Be genuine when you express yourself

It might sound cliched, but every individual is unique. This is how we are made up. It’s just that in the cacophony of biases we stop listening to ourselves and start giving more importance to what other people think and how they perceive you. If you want to develop a unique online voice, you will need to have your own opinion and you will need to express it without fear and prejudice. Don’t worry about pissing people off. If there are people who are going to dislike you for your opinion, there are also going to be people who will like your opinion.

Gain a deep knowledge of your field

Sound opinion is based on accurate knowledge. You must know what you are saying. Don’t simply throw around words just because you can. Gain as much knowledge as possible. Develop an expertise. This is why it is very important that you choose a particular topic and become the best in that. For instance, if you want people to recognize you for your blogging expertise, then become an expert in blogging. The same goes for any other profession.

Write on your blog regularly

Your blog can be your strongest communication channel. This is a place where you can constantly share your knowledge and express your opinions. Again, in most of the cases stick to your field of profession. Don’t try to have an opinion about everything under the sun just because it’s your own blog and there is no editor who is going to put you on a leash. Remember that expertise is always vertical.

These are just a few pointers that you can use to develop your own, unique online voice. There are many more ways you can make a mark. The basic point is, being authentic, being right and being confident of yourself. All these attributes can be developed by having a deep knowledge of your subject.