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How to disable the new Facebook profile and get back the old Facebook profile

Facebook recently introduced the new Facebook profile that displays your latest photographs (or photographs you have been tagged to) and other information about your hometown, you professional and educational qualifications and your primary interests. If you haven’t already switched to the new profile Facebook asks you to shift to it most of the times when you log on to your Facebook account.

If you have already turned to the new Facebook profile you might not want it to be a permanent feature for many reasons. For instance, sometimes photographs that crop up on the top bar are quite silly and you don’t want to display them. Well, you can control this, so whatever is the reason, in this blog post I’m going to tell you how you can disable your new Facebook profile and go back to the older profile.

Once you have switched on to the new profile it is a bit tricky to disable it. There is no direct method you can use but what you can do is deactivate your account on a temporary basis and then reactivate it and your new Facebook profile will be gone. All your data remains safe when you deactivate your account.

Click on your Account and then Account Settings. You come across this screen:

Deactivate new Facebook profile - Facebook-account-settings

I needed to decrease the size of the image in order to fit it in here but you can easily make out that you have to focus on the last row, “Deactivate Account”

In the proceeding screen you are asked what is the reason of deactivation and they will also try to emotionally blackmail you by telling how many people are going to miss you, don’t pay any attention to that. In the reasons click on “This is temporary. I’ll be back.”

There are some other settings but they depend on your preference. That’s it, deactivate it. It will ask for your password. Enter it. After deactivating you can again log into your account and activate your account. You will get your old Facebook profile back.

There can be a problem if you are an administrator of some pages that belong to another account. Your administrator privileges will be gone and you will have to obtain them back.

Another problem is, if you have worked on a Facebook page application it will be difficult for you to deactivate the account. But if none of these hangups are related to you, you can easily deactivate and then reactivate your account in order to disable your new Facebook profile and get back the old Facebook profile.