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How to download Facebook videos

Download Facebook videos

Most people using Facebook prefer to upload videos on this social networking websites rather than first logging into YouTube, uploading videos there and then sharing them from there. If most of your audience accesses your videos through Facebook then it makes sense to put your videos there.

Resultantly, you may find many people uploading videos straight from Facebook and if you want to download these videos you have to follow certain steps. In many cases, these steps are same as the ones you must have used to download videos from YouTube and other video hosting websites.

The most prevailing way of downloading videos from Facebook (or from any other video hosting website like YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.) is using a browser plug-in. Most contemporary browsers these days have plug-ins that you can use to download Facebook videos. For example, let us take Firefox.

In Firefox you can install the Video DownloadHelper plug-in/extension. After you have installed this plug-in an extra icon appears at the top bar of Firefox and it automatically animates the moment it detects an embedded video on the current page you are visiting. It gives your various options that you can use in order to download videos from Facebook and other websites.

You can also install a user script named “Facebook Video Downloader” but for that you will also have to install the Greasemonkey script extension for Firefox. Another benefit of installing Greasemonkey is that you can use many other user scripts and enhance your surfing, social networking and e-mailing experience.

Similarly, all major browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer let you easily download Facebook videos through default features and extensions. Google Chrome for example does not require you to install Greasemonkey in order to use the various user scripts including the “Facebook Video Downloader”.

If you install the RealPlayer plug-in it also allows you to download videos whenever you are visiting a page that contains a video.