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How to draw circles in GIMP

If you want to draw a shape like a circle in GIMP there is no direct button. But it doesn’t mean you cannot create different shapes in GIMP. It just takes a little bit of knowledge, and of course, effort.

GIMP basically is an image editing tool for Ubuntu and other versions of GUI Linux operating system. In fact it has grown so much that it is no longer considered a basic image editor: in Ubuntu 10.04 it is no longer installed by default while you are installing the operating system, you install it only if you need it.

Although here on HowToPlaza we’ve already covered how to draw basic shapes in GIMP, since lots of search engine queries are based on individual shapes, this tutorial is specifically for creating circles in GIMP.

Start GIMP and open a new file. From the tool box select the Ellipse Select Tool:

Ellipse select tool for drawing a circle

This tool helps you select a circular region in the drawing area. In order to draw a perfect circle (with a fixed radius) it is often advised that you keep the SHIFT key pressed while drawing the circle but we’ve observed it doesn’t work; it doesn’t mean you need to depend on your eye-hand coordination in order to draw a perfect circle in GIMP. After you have drawn your circle, whatever shape, refer back to the Tool box. At the bottom you have options that let you set the height and width of the circle by manually entering the numbers:

Creating a perfect circle manually

This way you can create the shape of a perfect circle. But it isn’t over yet. You need an outline. For creating an outline you need to decide the color, the width, and type of outline you want. As type, you can use the Brush or the Pencil or the Airbrush tool:

Selecting the drawing tool

You can adjust the width and other features of these drawing tools

Setting different features of drawing tools

Once you are through with all the settings, click Edit in the main menu and then click Stroke Selection. You get the following window:

The stroke selection window

Here too you can pay around with different settings. In fact all the features that we’ve discussed above can be altered through this window too. Finally, click Stroke.

You have drawn a circle in GIMP

Drawn a perfect circle in GIMP

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