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How to edit your Facebook comments

So far the biggest problem with commenting on Facebook was that once you have submitted a comment it was not possible to modify it or edit it. All you could do was delete it and then rewrite the modified version. There was no way to edit your Facebook comments once they were posted.

With Facebook introducing its commenting feature on other websites and blogs too, it would have been quite a nuisance if people couldn’t edit their comment the way they can with other commenting tools and perhaps this is why now Facebook allows you to edit your comments.

How do you edit your Facebook comment?

Once you have made a comment and submitted it (now you can post a comment by simply hitting the Enter key), hover your cursor over the submitted comment and there appears an “x” on the right hand corner. If you take your cursor there a tooltip says “Remove”. But it doesn’t mean it is going to remove your comment. It is going to reenable the text box containing the comment you have just submitted. That’s it, you can either modify it or delete the text. If you want to completely delete the text you will have to take the focus away from the text box in order to remove the comment because Enter in this kid doesn’t seem to work.

Another caveat is that you might not be able to edit your Facebook comment after certain time or after somebody else has left a comment. This can be a problem at extremely active Facebook pages or blogs where multiple comments are submitted per second. Maybe Facebook will remove this snag too.