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How to get effective backlinks and improve your search engine rankings

Backlinks for better SEO

You cannot improve your search engine rankings without quality backlinks. These are the validations search engines like Google need in order to gauge the importance of your website content. If more, genuine people are linking to you, it means they find something worth linking to. Nobody links to a website or a blog that contains content of no value.

The best backlinks are natural backlinks, according to this blog post on Dukeo. What does that mean?

As already mentioned above, the real reason why Google looks for the number of genuine people linking back to your website or blog is that it needs validation; it needs to know how many people are recommending your website. It uses its proprietary algorithm to assign value to your website according to the values attached to the websites and blogs linking to you; this is called PR, or Page Rank.

In order to get a better page rank, lots of websites and blogs that already enjoy a higher page rank must link back to you. Getting backlinks from websites and blogs with no or very low page rank doesn’t do you much good.

Many webmasters and bloggers purchase backlinks, which means, they are ready to pay others so that they link to their website or blog. Google has developed a mechanism to detect such arrangements and accordingly penalizes both the parties. So the best way to improve your search engine rankings with effective backlinks is getting those back links voluntarily, naturally. This happens when people actually appreciate your content and link to it to provide more value to their own visitors.

Here are a few things you can do to get good quality backlinks:

Produce lots of quality content

People will only link when they find something link-worthy. This means you need to produce lots of quality content. Since it is always not possible to get all your links noticed by prospective publishers you need to have lots of content so that some of it gets good rankings on search engines or goes viral on social networking websites.

Promote and market your existing content

If people are not aware of your website or blog there is no way they can link back to it. So you need to use all channels available to you in order to market and promote your various links. You can use your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can leave comments on other blogs and online forums (but only to add value and not just to pitch your links).

Publish articles and blog posts on other content-intensive websites and blogs

Guest blogging is a great way of getting high quality backlinks. When you write for other bloggers they allow you to include your link in the resource box. Just make sure that while approaching for guest blogging opportunities you only concentrate on reputed and genuine blogs and not just blogs and websites created for creating content spam.

You can also submit articles and blog posts to publications like Squidoo and HubPages and contextually insert your links (again, make sure you don’t overdo this).

These are a few ways you can get quality backlinks to improve your search engine rankings.