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How to effectively use keywords in your copywriting

Keywords in copywriting

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Effectively using keywords in your copywriting can boost rocket fuel into your SEO efforts. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) the keywords that you choose for copywriting are the most effective and potent tool you have. It’s your keywords that tell the search engines what exactly you’re trying to convey through your web page or blog post. The search terms that people use on various search engines are in fact the keywords you’d like your web pages and blog posts to rank higher for.

Why are keywords in your copywriting so important?

It’s very natural actually. If on a web page you talk about keywords and copywriting — for instance this blog post — then you’re obviously going to use these expressions whenever they fit into your copy (don’t overuse them). Your keywords must appear a certain number of times, at strategic, prominent locations, on your web page. This is how the search engines figure out you are dead serious about the topic.

Keywords don’t always have to be single words, they can be phrases too, and they can be sentences too. In fact whenever you are targeting a certain market with your SEO copywriting, choose longer expressions over shorter ones as they are less competitive and they are easy to optimize.

How to use keywords in your copywriting

  • Decide your primary and secondary keywords. Once you have decided which are your primary keywords, you need to put more stress on them. In this blog post the primary keywords are “keywords” and “copywriting” so you see them appearing again and again (with the context, not needlessly). The secondary keywords, although I’m not doing it consciously, can be search engine optimization and SEO.
  • Put your keywords in your page title. Your page title is one of the most important components of your web page. Use your keywords or key phrase in your page title. In case you are using WordPress, your can read how to publish custom webpage titles for your WordPress blog posts. http://www.howtoplaza.com/custom-webpage-titles-wordpress-blog-posts. It’s your webpage title that appears on the search engine result pages as the hyperlink so the search engines take the text appearing in your webpage titles very seriously.
  • Use your keywords in headings and sub-headings. Headings and sub-headings are the texts that you use with h1>, <h2>, <h3> , etc. These tags are used to highlight the main point and your main points should have your primary keywords and key phrases.
  • Use your keywords in bulleted lists. The HTML lists are used to organize your primary ideas succintly and they are supposed to hold important thoughts and this is why the search engine ranking algorithms scrutinize the words appearing in your bulleted lists very carefully.
  • Use your keywords in hyperlinks. This is also called the anchor text: the text that you use between <a> and </a> is important as it is pointing towards more information.
  • Use your keywords in the first paragraph. And preferably in the first sentence. This seems to help rankings.

Got some more tips on how to effectively use keywords in your copywriting? Please share them in the comments section.