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How to make sure your email campaign messages reach the inboxes of your recipients

The biggest problem faced by email marketers is that a majority of e-mails never reach the intended recipients, whatever are the reasons, and there are plenty.

successful email marketing campaign

Want to run a successful email marketing campaign? Aside from creating great campaigns in terms of content and layout, you also have to make sure that people actually get your messages. How do you ensure that? Given below are a few things you can do.

Build a permission-based mailing list

Do you have a mailing list for your upcoming email marketing campaign? Did you “acquire” it or build it yourself? The most effective form of email marketing is done by building your own email list, and that too, permission-based mailing list. What is that?

Permission-based mailing list means people give you permission to send them your messages. This is complete opposite of spamming. This way, your e-mail messages are not consigned to their spam folders. Permission-based email marketing should be double opt-in. Again, what’s that?

When people subscribe to your e-mail newsletter, they submit their email address. You shouldn’t accept their email address as it is. Your subscription system must send a confirmation email and only when the prospective recipient confirms through that confirmation email, he or she should be included in the mailing list. This way you make sure that they actually want to hear from you on an ongoing basis.

Let your recipients know how to white list your e-mail ID

Just to make sure that the email service they are using (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) hasn’t blacklisted your email ID, before they subscribe, quickly educate them on how to white list your email ID. Individual e-mail services have their own methods of white listing email IDs and they are easy to locate.

Use a reputed email marketing service

Reputed email marketing services have very strict rules to deter spammers. Choose services like Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact (just to name a few) for your email marketing campaigns.

Use non-spammy language

There are many email filters that are programmed to trash email messages containing particular expressions and words (become rich, earn money fast, Viagra, etc.). Avoid hyperbolic language as it is immediately blocked by most of the email services. Use natural language and be as realistic as possible.

Focus on quality

If you want more and more of your recipients keep receiving your messages and opening them, you need to deliver them what you have promised at the time of subscription. If you have promised them valuable tips then provide those tips instead of business offers. Your email messages must add value and not increase noise. A couple of times it is fine, but if you start sending unrelated messages they will mark your email as spam and henceforth they will never hear from you.

Stick to a schedule

The email messages of your email marketing campaign shouldn’t be too much and too less. If you have promised to send just a couple of messages on fixed days of the week, stick to that. Unconsciously people expect your messages on Wednesday if you have told them that you will be sending your mails on Wednesdays. If you keep altering your schedule they may get mixed up and end up blacklisting your email ID.

These are a few things you can keep in mind to make sure that your email marketing campaigns reach the inboxes of your recipients.